I love being on the road,

searching and exploring locations,
looking for known and unknown places,

by car, by bike, on foot.


Director's and DOP's needs in my mind,
always different camera angles in sight,
  understanding the essential idea of a scripted scene,
scouting locations
in Europe and Berlin.

cell +49 172 74 23 566





Works sample: Locationscout

 "Holiday Secrets"

Netflix | Germany


"Zeit der Geheimnisse"

Miniseries | Episode 1-3 | 2019

Sommerhaus Filmproduktion

Director: Samira Radsi

Cameraman/DoP: Stefan Unterberger


Location Scouting in Denmark 2019


House by the Sea in Dunes


Special Land Marks



Location House by the Sea in Dunes


Special Land Marks in Surroundings


Special Land Mark Lighthouse


Small Cemetery at the Coast


Coastal Roads in Backcountry